Agility Field Generator   Harmonic Agility Field Generator

A generator that creates the Agility Field to support friendly fleet ships during combat.
  — In-Game Description 
Agility Field Generator Stats
Mass 5% ship mass
Support Range 11,000 m
Speed (Forward) +30%
Strafe (Strafe) +30%
Rear Speed (Backwards) +30%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
AXIS - Ascension (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Tech Lab Required X
Time 7d
Helium-3 20,325,824
Antimatter 12,985,943

Agility Field Generator


The Agility Field Generator is a field generator that grants the Paladin Carrier the Agility Field. It occupies a special slot in the Paladin carrier, a first for a carrier. The Agility carrier is the most used Generator on the Paladin.

Strategy and Setup:


The main and biggest advantage players want the Agility Field Generator for, is its Agility Field it projects once equipped on the Paladin Carrier. It is also the reason why the Midgard Carrier, Ragnarok Carrier, and Dominion Carrier were wanted so much.

The Agility Field boosts hulls speeds (Including Thruster add-ons) by 20%. This makes it invaluable in PvP as you are able to run away or kite at much higher speeds than before. PvE is also another example, the extra speed allows greater kiting and rushing to reduce damage.

It also takes up a special slot, which isn't used much on Carriers, thus, it is not a battle of what to equip in place of the Generator.


However, one major disadvantage the Agility Field Generator has is its whopping 7 day build time, coupled with the Yellowjacket Drones and high resource costs, it will stretch build times incredibly far. This makes the Paladin Carrier usually take an entire month to fully equip.

Other than that, the Agility Field Generator is a MUST on your Paladin Carrier. Though, equip its Harmonic Version if you have the time and space.


The Agility Field Generator along with the Paladin Carrier and the Yellowjacket Drone are a MUST have to stay very competitive in the game. The Agility Field Generator should be the only generator you try to obtain in the events. Then, always equip it on the Paladin.

If you have the Harmonic variant try to equip what tailors to you, equip the Harmonic if you haven't built your Paladin yet, if you have ask yourself, will i use up 9 days just so my fleet will be slightly faster?



  • The Agility Field Generator, along with the Ion Field Generator and Phase Shifter Generator, represent the first in the ability to interchange support fields on a single Carrier.
  • Since shields have become extremely worthless in combat, this is one of the only generators used as Aliens do not use shields either.
  • Surprisingly, there is no Stasis Field Generator, which would be more useful than 2 shield effecting generators.

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