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The AP Driver Turret(Armor Piercing) wouldn't be possible without improvements in structural engineering. Each shot can punch though many ships.
  — In-Game Description 
AP Driver Turret  I II III
Mass 492t 860t 1,504t
DPS 30 52 91
Range 4,500m-9,250m
Projectile Speed 2,000 m/s
Sound Effects
Weap fire vsec projectile l1 01
Weap fire vsec projectile l1 02
Weap fire vsec projectile l1 03
Only obtainable in event Jailbreak, Lance Riots, and Blood Trials
Arms Lab Required
Detainees/Data Cores Required 500/50,000 2,500/250,000 7,500/750,000
Time 56m 20s 8h 27m 1d 1h 21m
Mineral Ore 962,470 4,157,000 13,266,309
Antimatter 106,941 1,039,250 4,422,103
AP Driver-0

AP Driver Turret I, II, and III, Respectively

General  Edit

Cut through enemy base attackers with the AP Driver Turret.
  — Event Store 

The AP driver turret is a projectile type turret, base variation of the AP driver projectile weapon. The turret has similar characteristics and functionality to the Kinetic driver turret and Gladius driver turret.

It fires projectiles that appear to be a icy blue/white comet. They are common amongst mid level and high level players. They have been released multiple times through events and riots before finally added as a blueprint that can be found by defeating level 30-55 VSec fleets.


AP driver turrets have a high projectile speed, on par with Gladius driver turrets. It has slightly lower firepower in comparison and lacks a proximity detonation, instead, it can pierce through targets, increasing the amount of damage it inflicts per shot by the number of targets it pierces through.

While the piercing effect seems useful, it is practicality not effective when engaging targets at maximum range, as rarely would there be another ship behind a target ship which is usually a decoy cruiser drawing away fire. It however has smaller minimal range and a slightly longer range, it can be useful at medium range combat, being placed at the very edge of bases firing at grouped ships blitzing near the centre of a base.

A particular effective strategy is to have a ring of AP driver turrets surrounding the bridge, they do not require Iridium arrays and can be fitted with phased munitions. This strategy to goad players into blitzing the base and attacking the bridge directly, but the piercing effect of the turrets can be most advantageous here. Such a setup is ideal against blitz bases, but not as strong against long range destroyers.

Players often equip phased munitions to bypass shields and inflict hull damage on attacking fleets - while it may miss more often, they user Arrestor beam turrets to compensate.

Trivia Edit

  • The AP Driver Turret, similar to its ship mounted counterpart, has a slightly faster cooldown between shots and quicker reload time compared to any other base projectile turret.

Gallery  Edit

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