AM Warheads   AM Detonators

Antimatter Warheads replace the conventional warheads used by Explosive weapons, increasing the detonation radius.
  — In-Game Description 
AM Warheads I II III IV V
Mass (% weapon mass) 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
AoE Radius +50 m +100 m +150 m +200 m +250 m
Tech Lab Required VI VIII IX X X
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 17m 2h 47m 12h 53m 1d 11h 50m 2d 22h 30m
Helium-3 38,800 579,595 2,647,440 6,598,400 12,201,225
Antimatter 0 30,505 294,160 1,649,600 4,067,075
Time 3m 00s 10m 30s 35m 00s 1h 28m 00s 2h 47m 00s
Helium-3 7,850 116,100 529,758 1,319,992 2,440,613
Antimatter 0 6,111 58,862 329,998 813,538

AM Warheads Icon


AM Warheads are a booster to ship Explosive weapons. They are the counterpart of Antimatter detonators for base weaponry. They increase the area of effect of explosive ship weaponry thus making it quite popular.

Strategy and Setup


AM Warheads increase the AoE of an explosive weapon. This allows it to hit multiple ships or modules at once and gives it the ability to hit a ship if the explosive projectile misses its target making it very effective.

When coupled with high AoE weapons like SICO Missiles or Creeper Torpedos they will have an incredible squadron defence ability and a very high effectiveness against bases.


However, increased AoE is usually not very necessary in many fights and when coupled with its mass increase it may be better to not equip it for replacement of a more useful special.

Other than that, it is pretty useful but battleships will usually equip Volatile Fuel over AM Warheads due to the increased AoE and speed.


Usually it is recommended to use AM Warheads when you have left over special slots and have many equipped explosive weapons. When you have an extra slot III or IV is recommended due to its low mass gain.

Against Alien Hives equipping battleships with Creeper Torpedos and AM Warheads V can be a extremely effective squadron defence while the carriers attack the hive if you do not have Volatile Fuel.



  • AM Warheads is its in-game name but the AM actually stands for Antimatter
  • Despite being called "Antimatter Warheads" its AoE would be much bigger if actual Antimatter was used.

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