A.X.I.S. ship weapons are powerful weapons designed by the Sub-Miner Rebellion faction. They are powerful weapons but are restricted to specific ships and sometimes to A.X.I.S. Hulls themselves. This is the current list of them:



Xeno Pulse Cannon

The upgraded version of the Pulse Cannon, with Alien Damage and increased DPS overall. It is incredibly low ranged making it a mainly blitz weapon.


Pulse Cannon

A low range, high damage piercing Gatling ray type weapon. It can make quick work of ships who venture too close.



Yellowjacket Drone

An extremely powerful drone that fires energy dealing damage, it is incredibly armored and also packs a huge sting.


Redhawk Drone

The explosive dealing death drone, having a MASSIVE amount of damage while still having massive health to spare.


Hunter Swarm

An incredibly long ranged alien damage swarm. Ironically, it is the only Alien based swarm that does Alien damage.

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