A.X.I.S. could be what finally puts the Aliens down once and for all.
  — Snip it from Event Description 


After the Fall of General Geir, Larus, along with forces of the Rebellion had seized the last of the technology from the Xeno Division's archives, assimilating this Technology and data into what was to be known as the Advanced Xeno Integrated Systems Project, or AXIS for short.

A.X.I.S. or (AXIS) is a branch of the rebels dedicated to developing new technology to combat the aliens. It is the 7th faction in the game and the second T6 Faction or known informally as T6.5. AXIS was founded long before the slavery of General Geir as was only made public in the event AXIS and so on.


A.X.I.S. existed somewhere when General Geir founded the Xeno Division. There, it is unknown what they did, but they mostly stayed hidden from the majority of the factions. It was after the events of Eradication did they finally reveal themselves.

The event AXIS, finally revealed their first hull. The Aliens have however shifted their focus to the Miner Rebellion and thus, AXIS itself, after their infection source, General Geir had fallen, as they now finally see the Rebellion as a threat to their invasion.

During this event, the Aliens begun to bring their Ancient forces into the battlefield, the Ancient Reaper was the first of them. Thus, a new fight was now awaking in the void of space.

In Conquest, the Rebellion and A.X.I.S. begin to push back the alien threat. Another Ancient threat appears being the Ancient Outposts. Rhea responded by making the Guardian Cruiser available to the rebels, alongside the Tungsten Armor and the Pulse Cannon.

In Ascension, The Ancient forces responded with their Ancient Hives. Recognizing the need to counter them before they became a huge threat, Rhea made the Vindicator Cutter and Bombardment Torpedo available to the rebels.

Ships and Technology

The AXIS Faction is known for integrating Advanced Alien and Xeno Division Technology together to form powerful technologies. A.X.I.S. currently only two hulls are released so far, the Paladin Carrier and Guardian Cruiser. With it are Generators, Drones, and Harmonic Tech.

The Paladin Carrier is a massive construct of a hull and usually the representation of AXIS Fleets. It has the same six squadron slots of the Dominion Carrier, but it has the ability to change fields of support and equip much more powerful squadrons.

The Guardian Cruiser is a unstoppable tank having 3 shield slots, 5-6 armor slots, 4 weapon, and 2 special slots. It takes a massive beating while the rest of your fleet shreds the enemies to pieces.

The Vindicator Cutter is the first of the A.X.I.S Attack ships, with 5 weapon slots, 3 armor and special slots, as well as a shield slot. Paired with the Harmonic Chase Thruster, its speed allows it to enter weapons range really quickly and deliver a death strike, making it the hull most suited to taking down the Ancient Hives.

Notable Figures

Chief Engineer Rhea Dage is the mainly used figure when discussing AXIS tech. The other Rebellion characters like Burr, Sybil, or even Larus can still be considered part of AXIS however.


  • AXIS is the second tier 6 faction.
  • This technically is a Miner Rebellion sub faction as it was created by the Miner Rebellion.

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